Scalability with opensis

Has anyone implemented OpenSIS with asterisk yet?

I have a fully functional asterisk system but I have been thinking on the best method of deployment since I expect there will be over 6K of users that could be registered at any one time.

What’s the best method really?

All my scripts work well at the moment and I really don’t want to move all the authentication away from the asterisk box, however, i will accept this if I have to and use opensis.

Can anyone tell me how opensis and asterisk can work in harmony so I can deploy more asterisk servers as and when?

no worries. i’ve just implemented it with asterisk realtime.

found this link … th+OpenSER

this is great i’ve manage to not have to use any scripts i spent time on creating and configuring asterisk…now i have total separation and have taken the load off asterisk…

if your a voip provider like myself it may be worth going down this route.