SayUnixTime problem or wrong sound files?


I have a problem getting SayUnixTime to say the time in French.

Each time it wants to say the number of seconds it aborts with a missing file.

The code in say.c (more specifically I believe the one in ast_say_date_with_format_fr) tries to get the sound file from “digits/second” but both “second” and “seconds” are not in that directory but the one just above that.

Removing “digits/” would not be enough though because when “second” was translated into French they did not translate it into the unit of time but actually in “2nd” (ie as in first, second, third, etc…) and unfortunately in French this is not pronounced the same as the unit of time (“deuxième” vs “seconde”).

(We can also say “second” but this is not how it was translated and it is not pronounced the same way as the unit of time either (seconde).)

Fortunately in French both “second” (“seconde”) and “seconds” (“secondes”) are pronounced exactly the same (the “s” is not pronounced) so the “seconds” file could be used…

Where can I check if I have the latest and greatest sound files to see if the problem is still present there (I know the current source code looks for “digits/second” as I have just checked minutes ago)?

And, if it’s truly a bug, where can I report it?

Thank you and have a nice day!


I have reported the problem as

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I responded to your JIRA issue. Thanks for reporting this.

The short-term workaround is to install the Extra sound files set and grab the necessary sounds from there. You’ll have to copy them into the digits/ subdir as they have never been historically stored or installed there.

As for the translation issue you might copy the ‘seconds’ file to ‘second’. I’ll have to ask the translator and voice contributor why they chose to record them the way they did.

Hi Rusty!

Interesting timing, I was replying to your reply on that Jira while you were replying to me here…

I have the extra sound files which is why I had not noticed they were not provided by the core sound files like in English.

I had actually implemented a similar workaround but figured it was best to report it so that it would eventually get fixed.

The translators got it right…

In both English and French “second” is in the extra sounds along with “first”, “third”, etc… because even in English they apparently meant the “2nd” meaning…

I would actually be curious to know why they put a “is2” file in extra when they could have called it “is” in core.

“is2” in extra is “est” in French which is the appropriate translation for “is” so I am not sure why they did that.

I wish they had made a “le” (“the” masculine form) and “la” (“the” feminine form) in those extra sounds though…

Thank you very much for your help and have a nice day!


Glad to help and I’ll reply on the JIRA issue so we don’t hold a parallel conversation here. I simply wanted to comment on here to let people know what the workaround is if they run into the same thing.

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