Patch for SayUnixtime/DateTime application for nl

I need to use the SayUnixTime/DateTime application in Dutch. In English numbers are read out loud in a different way then in Dutch (and german, Swedish, Norways etc.). Has there already been made a patch and is it available for use so the SayUnixtime app can be used with the Dutch language? (and a list of other languages that has the number pronounced in the same way)

If the patch is available it would be great, otherwise I hope someone can make the patch for a reasonable fee . I’m running

I’m not too familiar with the multilingual parts of asterisk so I’m sure someone can correct me. I took a quick look at the code and it appears there are a few countries which are handled differently. (You can see here at around line 273 … iew=markup)

You can try to set the language to ‘nl’ and/or download dutch sound files. A quick google brings up this link: … Soundfiles