SayNumber - logic for Belgian / Switzerland


I have searched on that one but with no luck.
For now when you use the SayNumber(75) with channel language = ‘fr’, you have this result :

– Executing [s@xxx-yyy:23] SayNumber(“SIP/xxx-0000002e”, “75.00”) in new stack
– <SIP/xxx-0000002e> Playing ‘digits/60.slin’ (language ‘fr’)
– <SIP/xxx-0000002e> Playing ‘digits/15.slin’ (language ‘fr’)

This is ok for French people, but not ok for Belgium & Switzerland French people.

In French Belgium :

70 : “septante” (70.slin)
80 : “quatre vingt” (4.slin, 20.slin)
90 : “nonante” (90.slin)

In French Switzerland :

70 : “septante” (70.slin)
80 : “huitante” (80.slin)
90 : “nonante” (90.slin)

I have the sounds file for the Switzerland French, but the way the asterisk is handling the number is for the French people.
If I want to handle the correct pronunciation, I have to do some custom logic in the dial plan.

I wonder if there is an easy way in the asterisk to specify the type of French number pronunciation to be used ?

Thanks in advance,


The rules are in /etc/asterisk/say.conf.

You should probably define fr_nl

Hi David551,

Looks like this is exactly what I need !
I’ll have a look next week and I’ll share the output.


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