IVR-speak out an amount in word instead of individual digits

I want to build an IVR that, based on some input from the caller, retrieves an amount from a database and speak it out to the caller. How can I make asterisk speak out the amount in word instead of individual digits?
E.g. If amount is 12, Asterisk should say twelve, not one … two (which I get when using SayDigits).


[code]show application SayNumber
-= Info about application ‘SayNumber’ =-

Say Number

SayNumber(digits[,gender]): This application will play the sounds that
correspond to the given number. Optionally, a gender may be specified.
This will use the language that is currently set for the channel. See the
LANGUAGE function for more information on setting the language for the channel.

Thanks Davevg. Works perfectly.