Same call id before Queueing

Hi folk,
i have noticed that when 2 calls enter at the same time (i mean the same call_id) , 2 calls are connected to the same agent.
Does any one face this issue?

Are your agents using SIP devices and is ringinuse set to “no” for the queue?

i am using Agents channel instead of SIP members.



2 calls from the same source location enter the same Queue at the same time, and the same agent gets both calls. This only happens if what?

The calls are at the same time
The calls are from the same location
The calls are to the same Queue
There are how many free agents in the queue

Here are my cases.

  1. if both calls enters at the same time
  2. and the queue is same
  3. multiple agents are free.

But changing the caller ID of the incoming call makes this not happen?