Salesforce and Asterisk Connector


is there a connector available to use with Salesforce and Asterisk?

no but as I remember Salesforce support that you can make https request that will tricker stuff
and you then have to inclide thees in diffrent sections of the dialplan to achive it

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Hi @TheMark thanks for your reply. We have seen that Tenfold is also providing integration with Salesforce + Aesterisk. Salesforce | Tenfold Instead of going for a custom solution, we are thinking to go this route and use tenfold solution. Is this a feasible approach? Are there any limitations with Aesterisk using Tenfold?


Sorry but I do not know how there solution work or if there are specifik requrements to how you use Asterisk
but my guess is that they use Asterisk AMI as there intergration

I am going to look at testing a client from mizu-voip in salesorce.f With Asterisk 16 it was a compete mess. but with asterisk 20 i think its might be a good chance of having it work.

If you get a test in please put a note out if working well or not. I bet its a good 2 months before I get a chance.

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