Running Asterisk at a lower level?

I was wondering if anybody here can give me an indication if X-windows, or running at level 5, would have a significant influence on Asterisk with one T1 line and most of the time around 15 concurrent calls? Also I am a LINUX newb and was wondering what command to use to see CPU % from the terminal.






Thank you.

X will consume realtime CPU, which asterisk needs…unless you have a strict requirement to run a GUI, i’d go with runlevel 3, and disable any other system processes you don’t need. this may or may not make any difference for your server, quality and stability wise, but it definitely won’t HURT.

Thanks wes.

That is what I have read some other places too but being a relative Linux newb I am not sure how to do it nor which processes are not realy needed. I have been looking for a white paper of some kind describing only the necesary processes.

on fedora, at least, you can change the runlevel by editing the following file:






that’s it, you’re now running multiuser mode with no GUI. on our machines, this seems to have helped stability and call quality, to a small but measurable degree.

as far as what NEEDS to be running for asterisk - not much. as long as you have network connectivity and can get asterisk to launch, i think you’d be good to go.

i’ve gotten asterisk to install successfully on minimal install of fedora, and it runs great. i’m sure there are linux/asterisk gurus out there who know exactly what is needed and how to get a box set up that way, but i’m not one of them…

good luck, and i hope this helps.

Thanks mate!