Some basic questions before installing Asterisk

I am very new to this,m so please be not asstonished about the questions. I want to install Asterisk for a small number of lines < 5 and have the following questions:

  • do I better install it on a DELLPoweredge 1400SC 1000 MHz Intel Pentium 3 Prozessor or DELL PowerEdge 500SC 1.2GHz Celeron?
  • should it be a dedicated server (meaning no other app on the server; I also run apps like apache, mysql, etc…)?
  • what is the best sound card for this environment?
  • Is there a specific installation manual for FC4 you can point me to?
  • Is it better to take the rpms or install from source?

Thanks for your help

I think I would rather have the P3 then the celeron
run on dedicated server
look here for instalation help … ation+tips … nux+Fedora