A2billing Issue with Trixbox. PLEASE HELP

I have been trying to figure out my problem for the past 2 weeks. And I am still at a dead end. So, I was wondering if anyone here have any experience with the issue I am having. I am using A2Billing 1.2.3 and trixbox 2.0.

Here we go:
Having set up my extensions(in FreePBX) I want to be able to apply billing to them using A2Billing. I want to be able to create an extension and then use a2billing or even use the DID option where I can set a flat rate every month for that extension and also be able to bill that extension if it makes international calls accordingly. I have tried all the possible website that Google brought up but none of them had any documentation of how to even go about configuring any .conf files or anything relating to this matter.

If anyone can help me I would really be saving some sleepless nights like tonight. Thank you.

Hello, I’ve been there. I think the best bet is a2billing website. If I’m not mistaken I’ve seen a very similar post there. Do a search on that site and do a search on an user KrazyKat, he may have been the one that posted it if you can’t find it try to contact him I’m sure he’ll lend a hand. I’m sure you’ll find your answer there.