Rtp Blocked

Hi all,

I wanted to ask you a question that now haunts me for days.
E 'can block a user Sip, attending a conference, the flow Rtp (RX) so that the user to transmit but not receive audio …

thanks to all

Are you referring to the t option in meetme?

Why is it important to stop the RTP? Would it be acceptable to mute the media stream, regardless of whether an RTP based technology, or even specifically SIP was being used?

Is this really a conference, or are you trying to simulate some other function? In particular, are you sure that you don’t wan’t whisper or channel monitoring type functions?

In fact I’m talking about a Meet Me, but not t option.
I need that some users of a MeetMe can only send but not receive their audio while other users will have two-way audio.
I was wondering if it was possible to block the RTP stream to a client sip in one direction, in my particular case the reception.

Why does t not do it?

Otherwise, set your firewall to block the RTP port numbers.