Block RTP packet in Asterisk 13

Hi all,

I wanted to ask you a question that now haunts me for days.
I want to transmit my desire RTP packet with Asterisk 13.
As matter of face I am looking for a way that one of my users just received RTP packet and it can not transmit any RTP packet and I change the packets it wants to send

Thanks you in advance

This does not make any sense, at least without some context.

  • You want to create a one-way audio issue for a user?
  • Are you looking to manipulate the RTP?
  • Are you looking to replace the RTP with prerecorded audio, in a specific direction?

Thank you so much Poing because of your attention
I am sorry for my fuzzy question
I want to replace the RTP packet with prerecorded audio
Now I can send my desired RTP but asterisk sends it’s packets too and it is bad for me :frowning:
I want to send only my DESIRED RTP and Asterisk send nothing for a user
Asterisk send my desire packet and I do not send any packet manualy
Thank you in advance