Rrmemory - only calling one agent

Hello all

hopefully someone can help with this

i have a queue set up called Inbound

in extensions it looks like this

exten => Inbound,1,Queue(ACCOUNTS|t|||${GLOBAL(ANSWERPHONE1)}) 	
exten => Inbound,2,GotoIf($[${GLOBAL(ANSWERPHONE)} = 3]?night:day)
exten => Inbound,n(day),Voicemail(139@default,b)	;send to voicemail day - busy message
exten => Inbound,n,Hangup()
exten => Inbound,n(night),Voicemail(139@default,u)	;send to voicemail night - unavailable message
exten => Inbound,n,Hangup()


[Inbound] musiconhold = testy context = Queuevoicemail strategy = rrmemory ;defines how phones ae rung timeout = 15 ;How long do we let the phone ring before we consider this a timeout... retry = 0 ;How long do we wait before trying all the members again? wrapuptime = 10 ;How long to wait before sending another call maxlen = 0 ;Maximum number of people waiting in the queue (0 for unlimited) joinempty = no ;Stops callers joining a queue with no agents memberdelay = 0 ; delay in the agent hearing the announcement of a call call-limit=1 announce-frequency = 25 announce-holdtime = no announce-round-seconds=5 queue-youarenext = you-are-first ; ("You are now first in line.") queue-thereare = you-are-number ; you are number queue-callswaiting = in-line-to-be ; in line to be queue-thankyou = silence ; ("Thank you for your patience.") member => sip/111,1 member => sip/222,2 member => sip/333,3 member => sip/444,4

the problem i have is the call enters the queue an calls “111” but doesn’t try any other agent/ phone

i have penalties as i would like the call to always try 111 first then 222 etc etc

does anyone know why the call never tries 222 ever after 15 rings!?


You have inconsistent parameter delimieters. “|” hasn’t been one since the, obsolete, Asterisk 1.4.

ahh sorry i should have said im still running