Routing Calls from QUEUE to another QUEUE

I am developing a very complex ACD system with Asterisk 1.2.5 and I need to route calls from a queue, lets name it (1) to another queue, lets name it (2)

PRI -> Asterisk Queue (1) -> Asterisk Queue (2) -> ZAP channel

Any Ideas ?

You need to give WAY more details of your scenario, what you want to do when, why, where exactly.

What you mean by “route” ?

You can easily jump from one queue to the other, branching on conditions in your dialplan. You can also easly transfer a call to the queue(2) extension.

Let me be more specific.

The idea is to develop a dialer box that I can connect it to my PBX and act as a predictive dialer using the traditional extensions of the PBX.

The Asterisk BOX will create calls (manager’s originate call) and when the other party answers it will tranfer the call to a queue with Zap channels as members.
The idea is working well if we stay in the telephony layer. The problem is that I also want to open Application Scripts as a mini CTI system to the terminal of the telephony agent.

If I monitor the queue status, using show queue command I am not getting information of what originated call is actualy tranfered to what extension via zap channel.

So i thought that if I create a second layer of queues for each zap channel and redirect the calls from the first queue it will solve the problem.

Thats why I was asking for routing calls from one queue to another.

I hope this hepls.

hmm…cant follow, but might be a language problem (im not native english), lol :laughing:

THe /var/log/asterisk
directory is holding a detailled log about queues, showing you what extension answered what call in/from a queue.

Maybe this is what you need “in real” ?