[HELP] Outbound queue?

Hello everyone!

Do any of you guys know a trick to make an [color=darkred]outbound queue[/color]?.

Im thinking that maybe you can create a Zap Group into an agent or something like it?

Any ideas or tips are welcome!

Thank you!


What do you mean by an outbound queue ? If you mean to put people that you will call into a queue you can use a call file. If you want to make a queue of numbers that say your reps need to talk to then look into predictive dialers.


if you are trying to set up a call center or some other type of thing that will require a large number of outbound calls, making the next call as agents become available to take them, you want a predictive dialer. There are a number of them for *, including a few commercial ones / call center solution packages. Open source ones exist too. search the wiki (voip-info.org) for predictive dialer.

If you have a lot of people trying to use the phone, and not enough lines, you might consider buying more phone lines. But what you could do, is have the outgoing context first dial. then use gotoif, if dialstatus was unavailable, put them on musiconhold for 30secs and then send them back to Dial(). Cheezy, but it shoudl work.