Router with fxo and fxs port

I’m looking to install a soho asterisk server and I’m curious what router is most popular for connecting to an analog phone line? I need to be able to route SIP calls out the FXO line.


No router for this. Get a TDM11B (TDM400P with one FXO and one FXS) card from Digium or a similar card for your Asterisk box.

there are routers that can provide an FXO port to Asterisk, the LinkSys SPA 3102 is an example. google for “+asterisk +fxo +router”

i would keep the router and analog interfaces separate. You can do a lot with a linksys wrt54gl and dd-wrt or similar firmware… for analog lines get a Digium TDM card or linksys pap2 or spa3000…

I vote for the digium card… I had a lot of troubles trying to get an SPA-3000 and a HT-486 (?) to work correctly with an FXO line through asterisk. if I didnt have issues with the dialplan and routing in the devices I had echo troubles. all these troubles ceased when I dropped in a variant of the TDM04 card… in my case 3 FXS and 1 FXO module. the Digium cards are definately a quality product and their support is nothing less than stellar

Looks like I’ll try to go with the digium card.