Rings on the VoiceMail

Hello I am using Asterisk 1.8, FreePBX 2.8 I set my VoiceMail the problem that I have is that just rings 3 times and then the voiceMail answers, How can I change the time of the voiceMail to answer?


That question really belongs on a FreePBX forum, but

Under General settings there is ‘Ringtime Default’.
For each extension there is a ‘ringtime setting’ that will override the default.
The values are in seconds.

Thanks for the answer I did setup this option, but the problem is that my incoming call I answer it with the module Announcements therefore I setup that option but still after 2 rings redirects to the voicemail, How should I setup the rings ?


For your announcement you have the ‘destination after playback’ to your extension? If so, check the ring time on the extension itself. You may try making the ring time on the extension something really like 30 seconds and see of it is being honored.