Ring tone cuts in and out

Hi, this is probably a pretty basic question as i’m no expert - I set up Asterix@home a while ago,and whenever I ring either from one extension to another or from outside, the ring tones the caller hears are distorted and cut in and out.

This happens only when calling or being transferred to an extension. If I call internally from one to another I hear one short ring initially then silence then sometimes another short ring. All this time to extension phone is ringing.

Externally I get nothing, then ‘parts’ of a ring tone. As soon as it is answered either by a person or voicemail, the quality is fine.

My country is set to au and I did try another (in the conf files) to see if it made any difference but nothing changed.

Also I had saame problem when I had an extension diverting to a mobile/cellphone. While it was diverting caller got same distorted ringtone.

Any help would be much apprec.