Ring own extension on Pickup(don't answer it automatically)

Is it possible to indirectly Pickup up a channel?
Extension A rings – Extension B presses *8X to pick up the Call -> But now the extension B should only ring and not auto answer the call.

I hope anyone can help me, Thanks in advance.

The built in Pickup functionality does not support this. You would need to write something differently either using AMI potentially or inside of Asterisk.


Sounds like you might be better off setting up a call forward. The default pickup group or directed pickup will answer the call. Most modern phones can do a call forward, or you could set it in the dialplan.

Another option would be to use a ring group (Dial(SIP/ExtenA&SIP/ExtenB) or a queue for those phones.

Use ChannelRedirect to redirect the call to a context who will dial the desired extension in this case B