Skip extension is answered in a ring group

Hi all
I’m config a simple ring group like this
exten => _X.,1,answer()
exten => _X.,n,dial(SIP/5200,20)
exten => _X.,n,dial(SIP/5201,20)

Ring group can work, if SIP/5200 don’t answer call will ring to SIP/5201
But i have small problem, when the first call to my PBX and SIP/5200 answer, the second incoming
and SIP/5200 is answering the first call but SIP/5200 ringging with second call, I want if extensions in group is answering, it will not ringging and call move right now to free extension in group

So how I must config
Thanks every one

Have you set ringinuse to no?

Hi David
I don’t set ringinuse, for my understand your mind is use queue and set ringinuse ???

Hi David
I try use your method, and it work, but i have some problem, I want to my group, when have call, ringging will is sequence it means: call to 5200 if in 15 second 5200 not answer, call come to 5201, this is my time config in queues.conf

;strategy = random
timeout = 30
member => SIP/5200,1,0
member => SIP/5201,1,15
ringinuse = no

I don’t strategy sequence in template so I stuck here

You have unusual values in the penalty and name fields, for your members.

It now sound like you should be using a sequence of Dial calls, not a Queue.

I modify some thing
timeout = 30
member => SIP/5200,1,0
member => SIP/5201,2,15
ringinuse = no
my idead is call to SIP/5200 first in 15 second, from second 16 to 30 call to SIP/5201, call to 5200 first but if call in 16 second, call doesn’t come 5201
Can you give me some idea ??

You haven’t specified 15 seconds anywhere; you don’t actually have any dial rules.

What is wrong with:

same=>n, Dial(PJSIP/5200,15)
same=>n, Dial(PJSP/5201)

I have used PJSIP, because you should no longer be using chan_sip, but that is not relevant to this issue.

Thanks for help. David
I have request Advanced: my topology ISP–> asterisk (config call queue in queues.conf)–> proxy–> extensions (that recive call)
It very simple if extensions register on asterisk but extensions only register on proxy and call to queue must dial to proxy, so how can I figure where ip or location of extension in queue config


This looks like a path through a GUI menu. This forum is not the right place for questions abut GUI front ends to Asterisk. Actually I almost challenged the reference to ring groups, as there is no such concept in Asterisk, although you can implement what are more commonly called ring groups in several different ways.

Hi David
Thanks for help
I work it, this is my config if anyone have same problem

exten => 1,1,dial(sip/3000@trunkto54,${EXTEN},1)
exten => 3000,1,set(CALLERID(num)=0988168132)
exten => 3000,n,dial(SIP/3000@trunkto54&SIP/2000@trunkto54,20) → trunkto54 is trunk connect to remote server, where my extensions register

exten => 2000,1,set(CALLERID(num)=0988382183)
exten => 2000,n,dial(SIP/2000@trunkto54,20)

strategy = ringall
timeout = 20
retry = 0
strategy = ringall
ringinuse = no
member => Local/3000@mayle
member => Local/2000@mayle

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