Ring Delay

I’m running 1.4 flavors with polycom 501 phones behind a firewall. When I make an internal call, this happens:
open line on phone 104
punch in 105 and press send
.75 seconds later 105 rings
2.75 seconds later 104 “rings” back on 104

Is this delay normal?

Since nobody answered, I went back to a post I opened 4 months ago. The answer to the problem was that the toneduration in chan_dahdi.conf was set to 300. changing this value to 100 made the problem virtually “go away”. Odd that a DAHDI parameter would also affect internal SIP calls though.


I dont think it is connected, may be that if you made a change to the dahdi config you had to restart asterisk and not just reload it.

What would have shown what the “problem” is would have been some outp
ut from the cli and or sip debug info.

without this type of info it would just be wild guesses.