Return number of queue members in "in use" status


I am trying to create a dialplan for queues that route the call based on the state, I need some function that will return the number of members in the “in use” state to consider it active, I tried with QUEUE_MEMBER but it only returns me: “logados”, Free, ready, total.



That function is the Right Place to Start, but you’ll need to apply some arithmetic based on the various return values eg. logged minus ready equals in use.

Although is ready state check not enough ?


Yes, I tried to do it, but I can’t get the status in use of the members, through queue_members because it’s the status of the sip account, I think. also “logged” also returns those who are in a paused state but that does not interest me, because they are treated as Unavailable

thank you @penguinpbx

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