Queue_Member_Count not working

I’m trying to determine the number of available agents/members logged into a queue before I enter the queue, for some reason Queue_Member_Count returns 1 less then the actual number of agents, this is fine except that when I have zero available agents and 1 agent they both return zero. If no agents returned -1 then I could just add one.

Has anyone else used this variable? In the interim I’m just using Queue_Member_List and then parsing it to determine the number of agents, not elegant but works.


Queue_Member_Count has been deprecated. You should be using QUEUE_MEMBER function.


It seems that one of my agent phones was not registered, should have noticed that! Which then is interesting as Queue_Member_Count was returning the members/agents that are logged in and able to accept a call(ie registered phone), however Queue_Member_List showed the phone that was not registered as being part of the queue members?


This function Queue_Member is not available in my version ( )

ast_func_read: Function QUEUE_MEMBER not registered