Howto check in the IVR members availables in queue?

I need to check in the dialplan-IVR particular queue if there are members online.

This is the definition of the queue

[1200];cola General announce-holdtime=yes announce-position=yes autofill=no eventmemberstatus=no eventwhencalled=no joinempty=yes leavewhenempty=no maxlen=0 announce=custom/anuncio_de_agente_general periodic-announce=custom/todos_op_ocupados_aguarde_por_favor periodic-announce-frequency=15 queue-callswaiting=silence/1 queue-thereare=silence/1 queue-youarenext=silence/1 reportholdtime=no retry=5 ringinuse=no servicelevel=60 strategy=ringall timeout=15 weight=0 wrapuptime=0 member=>SIP/1001 member=>SIP/1002 member=>SIP/1003 member=>SIP/1004 member=>SIP/1005

via asterisk*CLI> queue show show all queues with the member available or unavailable.

I need to know if there is any way to check a queue has no members available.


QUEUE_MEMBER function.

This is the wrong forum for support questions…