[resolved]meetme on 64bit machine issue

hi all, i install asterisk on 32bit machine and the meetme conference works fine when i use ilbc as the codec . but when i install asterisk on 64bit machine, the voice of conference sounds very bad. i am sure the configure for asterisk is the same on both machines. if some special configure for 64bit machine? or there are other reasons . any reply will be greate appreciated!

any hint?

I get very bad voice quality in MeetMe when using ilbc on 32bit Asterisk 1.2.1. What version of Asterisk is installed on your 32bit machine? Is it pre-1.2? A bug appeared in MeetMe 1.2. The website says the bug was fixed but it’s pretty clear from your and my experience that, at least with ilbc, the bug remains.

my version is 1.0.9 on 32bit machine.

i also test it that on kernel2.4 and asterisk version 1.0.9 the meetme works fine when using ilbc .after i upgrade to asterisk 1.2.1 the voice
became very much bad

try this and update your app_meetme.c