How to improve conference performance?

if i use ilbc as the codec for meetme ,the performance is bad.
if i use pcmu as the codec for meetme ,the performance is good.
then how can i improve the conference performance if i use ilbc as the codec? any ideas?

get a faster processor, or lots of them. are you using only ilbc as the codec, or are there participants with ulaw ?

if Asterisk has to encode/decode between parties there is obviously a performance hit. if you’re all running the same then things will be better.

or is it different in a conference ???

thank you for your reply. when the two peers both use ilbc the performance is bad .i think the main reason is the samples per second is different .ilbc is 240 samples and pcmu is 160 samples. is there a argument in meetme.conf that i can modify ?

i know there is a problem with meetme and choppy audio depending on the codec used. do a search for “choppy audio” in the bugs/issues section of someone has posted a patch that might help you.