[Resolved] GSM Playback Problem with Aastra-9133i

I purchased aastra-9133i phone for my asterisk server. everything is fine except the .gsm sounds are not playing properly. I am not sure how to fix this problem. is there a seeting i can make in aastra.cfg to enable .gsm on this phone? Please help, otherwise i need to return the phone and vendor takes 15% re-stocking fee :frowning:


gsm sounds have nothing to do with the phone, as asterisk talk to the phone in ulaw. Are you sure its JUST that phone?

FWIW i had a similar problem on a server recently (gsm sounds wouldn’t play no matter what), recompiling fixed it…

Hi IronHelix,

Let me re-compile asterisk on my server.

Below was the error i see now. I hope this gets cleared after re-compile.

Aug 5 04:06:25 WARNING[27726]: channel.c:2341 set_format: Unable to find a codec translation path from g723 to gsm


ahh, thats a different problem. I had disc corruption due to a power failure. You are misconfigured :smile:

in sip.conf for the phone entry add the following:


this will force ulaw or alaw codec, should fix you right up :smile:

Hi IronHelix,

Thanks for the information. I changed the configuration in sip.conf file. Also, today aastra customer support replied to my email to add below setting to my aastra.cfg file.

sip use basic codecs: 1

with this the problem got resolved.

thanks for your help. You always replies to my queries. Thanks a lot. :smile: