RESOLVED:)DTMF to PSTN Problem or taps issue?


here i am again asking your help. this time its about DTMF to PSTN.
we have TE110P connected to Rhino CB w/ 8FXO and 16 FXS
we have GXP2000, BT200,Atcom320,N80i and Polycom501.
before, that was long time ago these phones work perfectly when it comes to DTMF.
One day after playing echocancel,echotraining, rxgain and txgain hoping to remove echo. i noticed that the n80i and polycom501 will not work when it comes to DTMF while other phone still the same.
as im more affected with echo so i set aside this DTMF issue.

and after solving echo with HPEC and of course w/ the help of sir baconbuttie(discover bug in hpec) and sir ironhelix(for upgrade tar.gz)
i am now back to this DTMF issue.

one thing i have notice when doing a call to pstn using either n810i or polycom501 i can hear the called party saying “hello…hello” and hangup the phone as he/she think no one is in the other side, as i am not audible.

also i tried calling those phones with DXD or AA that ask to press a key to connect to a certain extension and when i do so nothing happen unitl my call connected to operator and the operator again does’nt hear me.

however, when i call our customized ivr(where call was placed in LAN) from N80i/poly to Asterisk the DTMF works well.

in contrary i use BT200,GXP2000 and Atcon320 calling pstn(which all phone has RFC2833) everything goes well, the DTMF is fine and no echo.

i have played my sip.conf by changing dtmfmode from inband to rfc2833
and also in zapata.conf as relaxdtmf from “yes” to 'no".

do you have the best DTMF tutorial or any help

once again Thank you very much

taps? how it realyy affects asterisk in anyway? i have this conclusion that distance of our telco from my asterisk is the resposible for the problem i described above.

our telco is located 1-2 KM away from our office, and everytime i did calls from my asterisk using n80i to the same building where i laid down my * box i heard the called party but that called party doesnt hear me. so i tried farther shall i say 3-5 KM away from my asterisk server and i have the same result. Again i tried father this time the called party was approximately 8KM away from asterisk server and the good thing i noticed there was vice versa conversation as called party heard me and i heard them. this scenario was stable no matter how many trials i made and no matter what value i put i zapata.conf.

so any idea?

any suggestion/idea for today?

just trying if somebody had have the same issue:)

any idea or suggestion:)

Distance from your Telco to your Box should not make a difference at all, not over a PSTN network, well not that i am aware of any way, or that i have seen.

You problem also does not appear to be a DTMF issue, if you say that the user at the other end can not hear you and they just hang-up on you after saying Hello a few times, this suggests to me that there was not a proper hand shale between your end point and the far end (Being the B point or far end as it is referred too at times).

Make sure that what ever CoDec your N80i and Polycom phone are using, is being properly negotiated by Asterisk, this appears to be a problem with the Polycom phones for some reason, the same problem just keeps cropping up on these forums and i cant say it is a coincidence that it is.

At a Guess i would have to say that your problem is either a CoDec issue, or a trans-coding issue and you should be focusing your efforts on this. Find out why the other phones are not doing this and try and trace the solution back on the Polycom and the N80i.

I suggest you start first by making a call to a PSTN line where someone can pick it up, no need for them to talk, but just for them to hang on the line, then you need to do “SIP SHOW CHANNELS” and too see the bridged call I.E SIP to Asterisk>>>>Asterisk to Zap Channel, type in the following command “SHOW CHANNELS” in the “SIP SHOW CHANNELS” you can see what CoDec is being used, then compare that with the ones your other phones are using and see if they are the same, then check your CoDec’s and see if the ones your N80i and Polycom phone want to use are actually supported by your Install of Asterisk.

Let me know how you go with this.



ok here is the result of my verobse
as expected it work fine today as vice versa audio and DTMF issue is
ok, i did nothing just try calling again.

only this following issue…

try to notice below as

first line got called and we have conversation but after how many seconds
the called party just dissappear and the channel hangup. and then i have that in 2nd line.

also when n80i try to register or even registered already
i received this reply

what i did was set "callprogress=no"
and everything works fine