No ring tone with Dial and r option

Hey all,

Thanks for the help in advance.

I am currently running two asterisk 1.4.2 servers with the same configuration. If I use the dial command with the ‘r’ option to force ringing on one of the my servers it plays the ring tong the entire time until the phone is answered (as expected) but on the other server it is just silence until someone picks up.

I am using a mysql database for my extensions and the dial entry is:

I have also tried just the ‘r’

and with audio announcement

All of these work on one of my servers and play the ringing tone and none of them work on the other server and play nothing.

The reason I need to do this is that I am using a VOIP connection for my outgoing calls and it takes a long time to connect when you call dial, so all the caller is hearing during that time is silence (which they don’t like). Also when I play an announcement to the called party after they answer, again all the caller hears is silence (again they dislike). the ‘r’ option seems to fix this problem for me. I had unanswered or busy lines so I don’t mind that they hear the forced ringing.

If you have an advice of a better way to handle this or how to fix the forced ringing option would be much appreciated.