Asterisk Crashing on DTMF

Occasionally, a DTMF tone will bring down my asterisk system.

Sequence of events:

  1. I dial an extension with the asterisk CDR I want to send the DTMF to embedded in the extension like so: “777”.
  2. I lookup the channel ID for the channel on the other side of the bridge to the CDR above.
  3. I send a DTMF to the channel ID found in 2 using SendDTMF.
  4. If a customer hangs up after step 2 but before the DTMF is sent, Asterisk crashes (or ends somehow gracefully? I can’t find a core dump).

Can anyone give any insight into why this is or how I can be safer about sending this DTMF?

What version of Asterisk are you using? Are you using the AMI action to do it?

This problem was fixed by upgrading from asterisk-certified-13.13-cert9 to asterisk-certified-13.21-cert2