Reset the markers for the agent - dialout status

This is my first topic in this forum and i will be very appreciated your help.

I am not expert in Asterisk. In fact I’m not user either. I’m the new IT guy for this software. The old IT was the Asterisk expert but now I don’t have any manual for resolve Asterisk issues. (I have not contact for the old IT)

Then, I have a issue about some agents that we have in dial-out status.
The Manager of that users comment me that is necessary “Reset the markers for the agent”

So, please, could you help me to what I should do in Asterisk for fix this incident?

Thanks so much for your opinions and very appreciate for your help.

It is not clear what you are talking about, or even whether the construct you are talking about is actually provided by Asterisk. You may find that is built on top of Asterisk by some sort of third party application, like FreePBX.

Thanks david55. :smiley:
Sincerely do not understand this software, it may be PB under Asterisk.
Also the problem that I have is that I don’t know how to reset agents in Dialout status. This agent is not displayed in the “core concise show channels” command.
Maybe the question is:
Do you know how to reset an agent in Dialout status who is not receiving calls?
Many thanks.

Why dont you ? if you have ssh access just run the command “asterisk -r” or check if you have /etc/asterisk/ folder .
If you have the folder as you said it from old times check the agents.conf file in /etc/asterisk folder and put the contets here so that we can check …