Agent call status is not displayed correctly

i’m building an IP PBX and im having a problem with my system

the problem is that when some SIP or zaptel user calls an agent, and agent has not answered yet, still shows the status of agent as ON CALL. when infact bell is ringing and agent has not picked up the phone.

plz tell me what configuration to change or what to do to solve this issue…

wassat ?? is a library to remotely manage the asterisk server. i’ve used that lib in .NET framework 2.0 to manage and administer agents and stuff…

i actually already know that, i was just seeing if you’d re-evaluate whether this was the best place to ask a question about, given that there would appear to be a forum where devs such as yourself may already have established a way forward for you.

including fixing that typo on line 82 of sip.conf.