Res_xmpp in Asterisk 18 - device state distribution

Hi folks,
I am trying to achieve the distributed device state using res_xmpp module with asterisk 18.
When i use openfire xmpp server i see the client registered on both asterisk servers. I can also see asterisk tries to update the status on both servers but somehow openfire rejects it. The error i see on Asterisk is “xmpp_pubsub_handle_error: Error performing operation on PubSub node SIP/1000, 409.”

Then i tried with tigase but client is not even getting registered with tigase. I get the following error while using tigase. Does anyone have the latest/updated documentation how to achieve this state distribution with xmpp

<— XMPP received from ‘2001’ —>

<?xml version='1.0'?>

[Feb 28 17:34:46] ERROR[178417]: res_xmpp.c:3464 xmpp_action_hook: xmpp_action_hook was called without a packet
[Feb 28 17:34:46] WARNING[178417]: res_xmpp.c:3705 xmpp_client_receive: Parsing failure: Hook returned an error.
[Feb 28 17:34:46] WARNING[178417]: res_xmpp.c:3784 xmpp_client_thread: [2001] Socket read error

Dear ,
check once this The Weezey Geek » Using XMPP for Distributed State Information for Asterisk

Thank you Ankit, Not sure if he is using openfire but i already have buddy added. On both of my servers.

Good thing i see the xmpp message on both servers, for example on server 1 i see:-

but on the same server the core show hints does not show any status.
1000@demo : SIP/1000 State:Unavailable Presence:not_set Watchers 0

Please note the call is running on the 2nd server. I see correct core show hints where the call is running but i see the following error:-

ERROR[251824]: res_xmpp.c:1530 xmpp_pubsub_handle_error: Error performing operation on PubSub node SIP/1000, 409.
Core show hints on my 2nd server are:-
1000@demo : SIP/1000 State:Idle Presence:not_set Watchers 0

anyone have thoughts on this?

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