Distributed Device state via XMPP

Hi All
I have setup distributed device state with XMPP as per the article here:
wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/ … XMPPPubSub

This is working great so far, I’m really excited about this as it makes a few things possible that will make my life a lot less painful… however…

I have an issue whereby if a hint state is set whilst one of the servers are disconnected (for whatever reason, mainly internet going down briefly) then it will not be updated/refreshed when they come back online.

With phone calls this isn’t too much of an issue, as the next action on that phone will re-set the hint, but it does get a bit annoying.

Where the main concern is with custom hints that control call flows in certain situations (for example, a night switch), that only changes when an action is performed and the BLF key needs to reflect the correct state.

I guess my question really is to ask whether there is a way to ‘refresh’ all hints from one machine to the next, preferably as a CLI command to make it all just happen?

Thanks guys.