is not avaible, thus restful is not loaded

Hi, i just download and installed latest version of asteriksNOW but i’m having trouble with asteriks ARI. The module seems to be not loaded. Therefore i cannot connect ARI.

Module show like ari gives me 0 result. But in the module manager, restful api shown as installed.

Anyone have idea?


You’re seeing the module manager within the FreePBX UI on top of Asterisk. The “RESTful API” there isn’t Asterisk’s RESTful interface, iirc.

If you’re looking into doing ARI development, you might want to start with something a little leaner than the AsteriskNOW implementation of Asterisk, which is very focused on being a PBX. A source-based installation, or a docker installation (no official docker image yet from, but there are a number of them out there on Github) is probably the way to go.