Can't start work with ari

How to load module ari?

Load module

vs-ita-deb-01*CLI> core show version
Asterisk 15.7.1 built by root @ vs-ita-deb-01 on a x86_64 running Linux on 2019-01-14 13:47:47 UTC
adminis@vs-ita-deb-01:~$ sudo cat /etc/asterisk/ari.conf  | grep -v "^;"
enabled = yes       ; When set to no, ARI support is disabled.
pretty = yes       ; When set to yes, responses from ARI are

read_only = no     ; When set to yes, user is only authorized for
password=asterisk         ; Crypted or plaintext password (see password_format).

adminis@vs-ita-deb-01:~$ sudo cat /etc/asterisk/http.conf  | grep -v "^;"

vs-ita-deb-01*CLI> module show like http
Module                         Description                              Use Count  Status      Support Level          HTTP WebSocket Support                   2          Running          extended
1 modules loaded
vs-ita-deb-01*CLI> module show like odbc
Module                         Description                              Use Count  Status      Support Level                    ODBC resource                            0          Running              core
1 modules loaded
vs-ita-deb-01*CLI> module load
Unable to load module
Command 'module load ' failed.
[Feb  6 23:33:49] WARNING[55461]: loader.c:577 load_dlopen: Error loading module '': /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ undefined symbol: stasis_app_set_global_debug
[Feb  6 23:33:49] WARNING[55461]: loader.c:1180 load_resource: Module '' could not be loaded.

The load module loader is trying to load something, but on the same system, this can come up with unresolved symbol error, but usually, it loads all modules. What is the issue coming up? as it is just a warning. If you want to remove this error you can play with your module.conf file change order of loading module.