Request for possibility of realization


a friend of mine recently told me he’s looking for a PBX that catches incoming calls and presents the caller a menu where he can choose by typing numbers which person he wants to talk to.

The caller than should be forwarded according to his choice to one of two mobil phones.

Additionally he wanted if the called does not choose the call to be forwarded to a default mobil, and if this is busy he wants the PBX to ty the other one automatically.

I’d like to ask if this (voice menu, conditional forwarding, “external line busy” detection followed by alternative routing) is possible using Asteriks, plus I’d like to ask if VoIP (using DSL) instead or in addition to a second ISDN account for outgoing calls be be integrated?

Thanks in advance

Yes, this configuration would be easily accomplished with asterisk and the proper digium hardware to match the Layer1-2 coming from the telco. Very easy configuration via extensions.conf

Thank you for your reply, glad to hear this sounds possible :slight_smile:

As Layer1-2 is standard European ISDN (DSS1) Basic Access, I’d suspect “the proper hardware” is not necessarily something “very special”, but a good passive ISDN card could do the job?