Repeated errors in the CLI

I just logged into the CLI and my terminal window was filled this over and over again

[2015-07-09 11:14:44] WARNING[7719]: res_xmpp.c:3572 xmpp_client_receive: Parsing failure: Hook returned an error.
[2015-07-09 11:14:44] WARNING[7719]: res_xmpp.c:3569 xmpp_client_receive: Parsing failure: Invalid XML.
[2015-07-09 11:14:44] WARNING[7719]: res_xmpp.c:3636 xmpp_client_thread: JABBER: socket read error

How do I fix these errors? Or at least make them go away so I can fix other things.

according to … ors.15840/

Those are XMPP error messages - generally seen when a GV account is mis-configured. Check your credentials on that third account.