Repeat sound when making a call

I just setup Asterisk 1.4 and it’s working. However, I have a problem when I make a call I hear what I just say and it make noisy.
Please help to stop this. Thanks

Asterisk 1.4 is obsolete. Even security fix support ended several months ago. Why have you just set it up?

I assume there is some VoIP in your system, but you need to say a lot more about its connectivity.

The reason that echo is a problem in VoIP is that the delays involved in VoIP make the echo obvious.

If the remote end is VoIP, it is the responsibility of the far end phones to cancel the echo.

If the far end involves the PSTN, it is the equipment at the boundary between the VoIP and non-VoIP systems that is responsible.

Using hands free without VOX make echo cancellation particularly difficult.

One of the reasons why DIgium recommend their current telephony cards is that that they do echo cancellation on the cards and that echo cancellation is quite good.

As David was saying, the problem you describe is Echo. Usually acoustic echo.

There are several ways to combat echo:

  1. Stop using the phones in hands-free mode. If this is possible, then acoustic echo will be resolved completely.

  2. Try to analyze the source of the echo. Is it coming from specific phones/lines/softphones etc.

  3. Purchase hardware cards with build-in echo cancellation. Usually these cards are more expensive than the basic cards but it is worth every penny.

  4. Implement a software echo cancellation. There are several options. Since you did not specify your exact architecture I would recommend to try one of the following echo cancellation software:
    a. If the echo is caused by limited number of softphones, use SoliCall Pro. This is a local approach to solve the the problem at its source. I.e. in this case the echo will be removed on the client side.
    b. If you are not sure what is causing the echo and you want a centralized solution, use PBXMate.