How can I remove echo sounds of the calls?

How can I remove echo sounds of the calls?

What type of calls are you doing? SIP to SIP? Do you have a telephony card?

I detected in SIP to SIP calls.

Fix the SIP device that is poorly echo cancelled.

Note that using loudspeaking phones can make echo cancellation very difficult for the phone.

But have any parameter that I can put to set it?

Phones and gateways generally don’t allow configuration of their echo cancellation. If it it faulty you will need to change the firmware, which may also require changing the hardware. In any case, this is something that has to be configured on the faulty device.

The general rule is that echo cancellation is done at the boundary between the analogue or circuit switched part of the system and the packet switched part. For SIP, that is within the SIP device itself.

Asterisk only gets involved in echo cancellation when it provides the transition, i.e. when using DAHDI.

If the above options do not work for you, you may try PBXMate. This software is doing a centralized noise reduction and echo cancellation. It is integrated as a Sip Proxy or Sip Trunk.

This is a concurrent of Asterisk or a software to complement the quality of calls that use inside of Asterisk?

It is not running inside Asterisk. It is installed in the network and connects to the the SIP phones as their Sip Proxy or alternatively as Sip Trunk to Asterisk.

This software can help ?

That’s for IP to PSTN only. It won’t do anything for SIP > SIP. SIP > SIP is the responsibility of the AEC built into the client, the phone.

Yes, my problems happen when I call from SIP to PSTN.

You previously said you detected SIP to SIP. That conflicts with what you just said.

Do you really mean that you connect to an ITSP, using SIP, who then connects to the, circuit switched, PSTN. If that is the case, the ITSP has to fix the echo.

If you really didn’t mean SIP to SIP, above, you are going to get very confused because the answers assume that you meant what you wrote.

I made a mistake when I answer SIP to SIP previously, sorry for it. I didn’t know what mean exactly it, and now I observe more the situation and the echo happens when I make a call from a SIP to a PSTN(mobile network), I already tried to complain for my provider but this situation doesn’t happen every time, use this software to solve this problem will help or no?

What hardware are you using to connect to the PSTN?

Mobile networks should be doing their own echo cancellation, as the mobile network air interface has similar delay problems to those of VoIP and callers directly on a simple analogue phone will hear echoes, unless the mobile network removes them.

The echo was observed in a voip telephone of Grandstream model GXP1625

That answer relates to the wrong side of the call. Echo cancellation needs to be applied somewhere on the other side, and until we understand more about that, we can’t say whether that is up to Asterisk, PC hardware, external local hardware, the near service provider or the remote party’s service provider.

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