Remote Extension Monitoring

Does anyone know if it is possible to monitor (SUBSCRIBE to) an extension over DUNDi? And if not, is it possible to monitor an extension on a server that your aren’t registered to?

We have three servers all on different subnets of a private LAN that are using IAX DUNDi to communicate.

Thanks in advance :smiley:


I have seven subnets on a private WAN with seven Asterisk boxes and have Flash Operator Panel

I have one screen that shows the state of all extensions and all lines in real time.

Have a look at FOP I can help you set it up if this is what you want.

Thanks for the reply, but I believe fop uses asterisk manager, which is ok, but I would rather not use fop.

What I am trying to do is take extension 1111 registered to server A and have it monitor extension 2222 on Server B. I would assume that in order to do this you would have to do something like this on server A:

exten => 1111, hint,SIP/2222@serverB

or maybe:

exten => 1111,hint,IAX2/2222@priv (where priv is my DUNDi lookup)

But I haven’t been able to get that work. I would assume that is because extension 1111(or maybe Server A) has not registered with serverB and therefore isn’t allowed to SUBSCRIBE but I’m not really sure.

Essentially the goal is to have a bunch of GXP2000s that can monitor extensions that are on another server, so the DUNDi failover system is completely transparent

Well I believe that this isn’t supported by asterisk atm otherwise this hack wouldn’t have been written to accomplish the same thing:

Can someone verify this for me? Also are there any plans to implement something like this into the devstate function?