Monitoring extension presence across two servers


I’ve got two Asterisk boxes set up for demos and so far things work great. The boxes are set up with an IAX2 trunk and my dialplans are set so phones on either box can call each other with no problems. What I’d like to do now is set up presence monitoring across the servers. I’ve got a crude version of it working now but I don’t like it.

Currently, I’ve got extension 102 (Snom 360 with side car) on my local Asterisk server. On the remote server I have extension 200 (X-Lite) set up. I can currently monitor the status of extension 200 from extension 102 but I had to add an entry for 102 in the sip.conf on the remote server for this to work. On top of that, if I hit the button for extension 200 the phone shows me the full sip path to the extension instead of just the extension number like the local extension monitoring buttons do.

I’m figuring this is because of the way I have the button programmed pulling presence information from my remote server. Is there a way to make the outgoing call to extension 200 show just the extension number so I don’t confuse any users? I’ve read the dual servers page on the wiki and I’ve searched the forums for answers but haven’t found much of anything on this subject. I do know I can use FOP and I’m also working on that.

Thanks for your help!


How are you connecting the 2 servers using an IAX2 Trunk or ??
Also can you post the Hint you are using to provide presence?


The servers are connected via IAX2 trunk.

Let’s see if I can explain this better:


Extensions 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105 are all configured with the same type of hint command:

exten => 100,hint,SIP/100


Extension 200 is set up and has the same form of hint command for itself:

exten => 200,hint,SIP/200

Is there something different I have to do to get the phone to monitor the remote extension without having to have the monitoring extension configured in the sip.conf on both servers?



I didn’t think you could monitor remote extensions at all. In this case, you’re monitoring the local SIP/200, not the remote one.

That’s what I’m asking, is it possible? The way I’ve got it now I’ve got the phone monitoring an extension on another server and as far as the other server is concerned the extension doing the monitoring is local.

Of course, this could very well be moot because the client told me today they probably won’t do this project and instead will be starting with their main office which is 4 times bigger.


As far as I know, you can only monitor (using HINT) local SIP/IAX extensions. That’s why FOP is so nice – you can setup multiple servers. :smile: