Remote Call Forwarding


I am trying to setup an extension that forwards to an external number. I am connected to my providers by IAX and SIP. I have been trying to figure it out. The only examples I see are using DBget, but I am not using MySQL.

Any suggestions?


It’s so simple i’m not sure what aspect of it you have a problem with.

Here’s an example:

exten => 1234,1,Dial(SIP/5678@sip.server.address)

where 1234 is whatever extension you want to dial to be forwarded to the external number, 5678 is the phone number you want to forward the call to, and sip.server.address is your ITSP’s SIP server (as configured in sip.conf).

If you want to use IAX2, just change the extension definition accordingly.

Thank for the reply. I am new to Asterisk, I was going off on the wiki call forwarding.

I used your example, and I am getting this error: " WARNING[3698]: chan_iax2.c:5565 socket_read: Call rejected by x.x.x.x: No authority found"


WillKemp, I had the wrong string for IAX, I was using the SIP exten string.

I got it working. Appreciate it.


Have a read of: … +Telephony