Dial external SIP phone

Hi, I could not found howto configure to my asterisk dial one external sip phone ( from another domain ) like FWD from my fwd i can call my sip phone on my asterisk, but from my sip phone i can not call my FWD.

I dont want call just form fwd, because i believe if i want this a need create just a enter on my sip.conf and put the server there, i want call any external sip phone.

Thanks from any help.

This is very basic stuff. You need to read some documentation and find out about the fundamentals of configuring Asterisk. Have a read of this book:

voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … +Telephony

Do you have some firewall or NAT equipement that might be preventing your from connecting?

Out of curiosity, try an IAX2 protocol instead of SIP.


Download that phone, configure it as an IAX protocol and plunk in the other information like IP address and such.

In Asterisk, instead of making a regular SIP extension, create an IAXY one. See if your problems still occur and let us know.

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