Asterisk 18 Does not recognize the command "pjsip reload"

I installed asterisk 18 and it does not recognize the command “pjsip reload”. My endpoints are working normally, but the “pjsip reload” command throws an error: No such command 'pjsip reload '. In asterisk version 16 I can use this command but in version 18 I have this problem. Can anyone help me?

“pjsip reload” is an alias which is from the res_clialiases module[1]. The CLI command “module reload” will also reload the module instead.

[1] asterisk/cli_aliases.conf.sample at master · asterisk/asterisk · GitHub


Hi. Run in the CLI module reload res_pjsip The pjsip reload comes from debian team, if you install from scratch you will not have this command.


I use “core reload”.

Thank you my friend. Worked perfectly!

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