Reinstall zaptel driver

Hello masters

I have successfully installed TE110P driver
with " modprobe wcte11xp " and “ztcfg”

But in my loadzone i put “us” and my defaultzone is “us” where im in the Philippines right now. I created a topic for this but still no one answers my question. as soon i shall discover the abbreviation for my country which is
Philippines can i redo “modprobe wcte11xp” and “ztcfg” to update my loadzone in the zaptel.conf without destroying my existing zaptel.conf configuration?

please help!

Likewise please let me know where to know the two letters loadzone for Philippines. or can i use “us” or any other country shortcut?

When i do reload in asterisk prompt it says something remove
defaultzone "us"
What is that mean?

[i]* loadzone=us: means your interface card(s) will be loaded with US indication tones. You can load more than one set of tones into an interface to allow you to generate tones from different zones by giving a comma-separated list of two letter country codes. Available zones are:
o at
o au
o cl
o es
o fi
o fr
o gr
o it
o jp
o nl
o no
o nz
o pl
o tw
o uk
o us
o us-old

Tone zones are defined in the Zaptel source file zonedata.c.

* defaultzone=us: means use the tones for this zone by default (when no other zone is specified).[/i]

Pick the tone zone that is compatible with your country’s phone system. I don’t believe that there is a code specificly for the Philippines.


ok thanks for crarification:)

However, i put loadzone “us” and left defaultzone =“us”,
you said that defaultzone must be remain if i dont choose loadzone
and since i choose loadzone= us and i must put “#” before deafaultzone=us to tell my system that im using loadzone=us,
If i redo “modprobe wcte11xp” and “ztcfg” to update my zaptel.conf
would it destroy my configuration or my existing zaptel.conf?

Please help