Reg: Integrating Asterisk Call forward details to Web App

Dear All,

This is Bala. I want to integrate Asterisks with Java based web application.
By integrating this, I have to retrieve the Phone number received and the extension number to which the call has been forwarded from asterisk PBX to my web application to load certain data in my web application based on the received phone number and extension numbers.

My Question is is there any possibility of retrieving the incoming Phone number and forwarded extension number details from asterisk server to my web application? If So, Please help me out on how to retrieve this.

Help me regarding this will be highly appreciated!!



This, much like another post I just moved, has nothing to do with the Digium Phone API. I’m moving it.

See the AMI chapter of the Definitive Guide.

@malcolmd, I am sorry for posting it in wrong place.

@ david55, Thanks a lot, Let me check this.