Reg: How do we register an extension in asterisk

Hi All,

I am developing an Web Agent Desktop and I am trying to register an extension with Asterisk 11 using web phone. How do we register an extension in Asterisk 11?

I didn’t find any function in Asterisk-Java (manager action), Is there any other way to register an extension in java?

Thanks in advance.

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What do you mean by register and what do you mean by extension?

Typically you register devices, and you do so by the device using the SIP register method.

To add extensions, or to add SIP peers and users, you would use the manager updateconfig action (although you could also use command, with CLI dialplan operations, for extensions).

Only the device itself can register, but you can create a device entry with a static address, so that it doesn’t need to register.

You should be able to find copious examples in the code for FreePBX, etc.