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I have to implement a function in an Asterisk (any version would be ok for me), that allows me to register my extension in any phone I want, just dialing a feature code or something similar.
For example, I work at the IT department and my extension is 1000. For some reason I have to go to another part of the company where there is a phone and I want to use my own extension 1000 there, instead of the extension that is already registered there (1001 for example).
I know that some PBX are able to do that, if properly configured, like Siemens for example, where I can go to any phone I want, type a code followed by my extension number and I can make and receive calls like if I were at my desk.


You must use agent login to receive calls and some kind of dialplan that’s identify agent logged in to relates your outgoing calls.
Makes sense?

In that way you don’t need edit your phone credentials

Separate your extension from your SIP endpoint/peer. On dialing some (feature) code from SIP endpoint, enter your extension (and store this details in astdb so that when someone dials the extension, you dial the latest SIP endpoint)

The Asterisk book has a example of dialplan based hotdesking using ODBC, that should do what you want.

Hot-Desking feature

take a search with this phrase.


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