How do i autoregister in asterisk?

Iam not sure if this is the right place to post this,If not! iam sorry.
Like the title says how can i enable auto-registration in asterisk.I mean how do i register a phone with my extension,rather than registering it with a dial plan.

I don’t understand the question. Please explain in more detail.

Phones register with sip.conf entries, not the dial plan or an extension, although you may have a degenerate configuration where the extension number in the dialplan to call the phone is the same as the name of the sip.conf entry.

Did you want to “Hot Desk”. That is, have an extension register (login) on a phone, deregister, then move to another physical phone and register there ??

If so, look up some stuff on Hotdesking. There are some good code snippits on voip-info